Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I heard he wrassled a bear when he were only 3!

OK, so the shading isn't going to make it to Strange Fiction this week. Do you want to know why?

Nikola Tesla.

No seriously. Rather than work on the shading like I should have been, I ended up sketching that little bit of madness while listening to the Clockwork Cabaret. I had to abandon last week's comic all together, because I was struck with the Best Idea Ever for the comic this week. I think it was a divine blessing from Nikola himself. You guys are not going to believe what happens. Heh.

I ought to make my next WtFF about Tesla. The man was certainly odd enough. He hated fat folks, human hair, round objects and pearl earrings. Yet he loved pigeons. Total insanity.

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Emmett Davenport said...

Thank you once again for your lovely Tesla drawing!