Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm afraid my language won't get any better from here on out...

Welcome to the relaunch of the Strange Fiction blog. Why am I splitting this one away from my personal journal? Mostly because I doubt the vast majority of my readers want to wade through paragraphs of paragraphs full of whining about money. I know I wouldn't.

Yes, I've tried this before, and didn't keep up with it. Why should I keep up with it now? Partially because I'm introducing a new segment titled "What the Fuck Fridays," which will appear in this journal. Yes, it's an ambitious title as it implies I will update weekly. We shall see.

So, what the fuck is up with What the Fuck Fridays? The world irritates and astounds me, and I need a forum to vent that irritation and astonishment before I it twists me and turns me into that bitter, cruel old woman who spends all her free time in the park wearing tin foil bloomers, and screaming at the doves that they're just fancy pigeons with an over-inflated sense of importance.*

Will it be boring? Oh yeah. Excruciatingly so. But if you're sitting here reading this journal, chances are good your life is duller than mine, so you're hardly in the position to be passing judgment.

* Which, for the record, they are.

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