Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Anyone want a slice of Latin Cheesecake?

I drew the quick sketch above in response to what was essentially a dare from a friend who told me I was too big a prude to ever draw the Strange Fiction characters naked. (Yes, there's an un-cropped version.)

As a comic fan, I always felt alienated and vaguely offended most by cheesecake art featuring female characters. It wasn't "for" me, and it was usually done in such a way that the subject's powers/personality/identity was irrelevant. The only thing that mattered was that she had a skimpy outfit and a smashing pair of tits. I always felt that if it wasn't a cheap marketing ploy, it was certainly a cheapening the characters.

I'm a little older now, and not as uptight and easily insulted as I once was, but I've still resisted putting together any cheesecake type stuff of the SF gang (despite the growing Cult of Eep), because of that belief it's "cheapening" the characters. So, I'm posting the question to you, readers? What do y'all think? Am I:

1. Over thinking it
2. Correct, cheesecake art is cheap
3. Fuck you and your cheapness, Nicole! Show us the un-cropped version of that sketch already!

As a side note, the concept of "naked Eep" was a lot funnier BEFORE I actually drew the nudie pic. Once it was done, it was like, "Oh. Male nude. Eh." (And yes, it is supposed to be right before he appears in the infamous "movie.")


HappyGoth said...

You do think too much. Though whether CheeseCake (mmmmm... cheesecake) art cheapens it depends entirely on how it's done. Tastefully nude yes, webcomic pron no.

Anonymous said...

*demands UNcropped verion to make a more informed choice*


elkedoring said...

I'm not uptight about it either way. I'm perfectly content with the picture you've posted, but I wouldn't be offended if the uncropped version was posted. I suppose I have the same feelings as you do. "Oh. Male nude. Eh."

Lexie said...


Anonymous said...

Hello, long-time reader/fan and fellow webcomic artist.

I understand entirely where you're coming from. I couldn't do nudie art of my characters either, feeling it was kind of cheap and pointless. But at the same time, I was kind of bothered by this idea that there was an area I didn't want to let myself try, so eventually I started doing it and it turned out to be quite fun and helped my artwork and my own personal thoughts.

That said, it would be hard for your characters to be cheapened in our eyes as your fans because your characters have very vivid personalities. If they were just designed for sex, or extremely innocent, or with macro genitalia, it'd be cheap. But Eep can stand as a good and interesting character with his pants on, so his having pants off wouldn't really diminish him.

Plus the fact the film IS canonically part of his past and there is a valid reason behind there being a nudie pic of him, makes it even more humorous/reasonable and not cheap. A large part of Eep's humor seems to stem from these raw and vulnerable moments of his life, so I think it's even rather fitting that you do a picture of him in the nude.

So I vote not cheap, and would love to see the rest of the sketch!

Anonymous said...

Kitty!!! :D I wanna seeee it! Don't tell Draeth, lmao XD

Anonymous said...

I REALLY wanna see it!