Thursday, September 4, 2008

Did I mention I'm taking donations?

Strange Fiction might be late this week. Our phone, as well as our internet, has been turned off. We (*cough*DUCKY*cough*) made a mistake in the routing numbers when paying with a check online. Since we had a lot of unexpected expenses this month, including my little bro getting hitched and Ducky’s schoolbooks, we didn’t notice the payment didn’t go through. Until the phone didn’t work.

Dear fucking god, Bellsouth does NOT play around. You get them their money, or they break your goddamn knees. Metaphorically speaking. I’m almost entirely positive I would rather have the internet turned off than have my knees broken. … Almost.

With money already being stretched tighter than the skin across Pam Anderson’s chest, we don’t have a whole lot of extra cash to pay the bounced check fee from the phone company (yes THEY charge you a bounced check fee) and the reconnection fee. I will try to have things sorted out tonight, but no promises.

In other news, since it’s been two weeks and no What the FUCK Friday, I’m moving that particular feature to a bi-monthly thing. I just can’t get a decent article up and update the comic in one week’s time. I know. I suck.

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