Friday, September 12, 2008

Last Week for Naked Eep

Firstly, a huge, HUGE thank you to the three folks who donated this week. Even though I know two of you personally, and even though you donated out of concern for my physical well-being, no doubt, thank you! (I will mail you the negatives by Wednesday of next week.)

If you were thinking you might want the Nudie Wallpaper, now's the time. After this week, I'll be retiring it for ever more.

So, what did I learn from drawing my main character in the buff? A few things, kids. A few things.

1. Full frontal nudity isn't as funny as suggested full frontal nudity.

2. Even though people may claim otherwise, no one really wants to see your comic characters naked when your character is a dude.

3. I draw sacks WAY too big, apparently.

All in all, I think it was worth doing, simply because it was uncomfortable for me to post that nudie pic online. It's funny. In the comic, I've made fun of the Special Olympics, suicide, self-injury and have even shown Eep slitting his wrists, none of which ever struck me as particularly risqué. But posting that wallpaper... It made me squirm a good deal more than I was expecting. IRL, I'm not shocked or offended by nudity in the slightest, so I was surprised I got all flustered every time I had to send the "nudie" link to a donator. Perhaps because I base so much of the character on myself, or perhaps because I was concerned what it "meant" to be the "kind of artist" that draws naked cartoons for money*.

Honestly, I'm not ruling out incorporating nudity into the comic in the future. The fact that it makes me ill at ease makes me want to explore it in the future.

Speaking of the comic, what do y'all think of Strange Fiction's new layout? Love it? Loathe it? Lust for it? Lemme know.

* What it means is that I have no morals. What do you want drawn? Gimme $5 and I'll do it!

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