Friday, November 7, 2008

Prop 2, Strange Fiction & How I'm About to Piss You Off

About this week's Strange Fiction, I don't do political comics, largely because I'm not an expert on things political in nature. I'm just some chick who wears too much black and draws goofy pictures every week. You guys don't care how I vote; you just want the funny.

But the thing is, a constitutional amendment was just passed in my home state that not only outlaws gay marriage, but also rends the relationship between the Duckman and I null and void. I'm sorry, but I have to say something.

If you are one of the individuals who voted yes on Prop 8 or Prop 2 based on your religious definition of marriage: FUCK YOU. The fact that you would deny your fellow Americans equal rights because you don't agree with them is so utterly twisted that I don't even know how to begin to describe it. I say this knowing that some of you that I love may have voted "yes," and I realize some that I know no doubt voted "yes." I may know you, I may love you, but seriously... fuck you.

No one is asking you to agree with homo or bisexuality. No one is asking you to let the queers have a big ol' gay wedding/orgy/barbecue in your church. No one is asking the boys to hop on a cock or the ladies to start humping a vag. What we're asking is that you let other people alone to live their life as they see fit as equal members of society. You can think they're immoral all you want, hell I've got some less than kind opinions about a good chunk of the populous right now, but it doesn't give you the right to make the LGBT community second class citizens. Your faith does not give you the right to spread hate.

Only now it does. Legally. And it fucking breaks my heart.

Next week I promise to get down off my soapbox and get back to the funny, but for this week... I dunno, America. I guess I expected better of you.


Lady Galadriel said...

I can believe it passed in FL--I live here, I recognize that the people around me are often conservative to the point of hate. But California? WTF happened in CA?

I am so embarrassed and saddened by the people around me in FL. Even angry, and I didn't have any kind of personal investment in this vote, just a belief that we need to LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE and let them do what THEY think is best for them.

Kids studying history in the future are going to be so confused when they have to study this decade. "Wait, the president did what? Then he what? Then they elected the first black president, AND they passed three bans on gay marriage at the same time? Huh?"

m said...

The only thing that makes me sadder is that *none* of my peers knew what Prop 8 was.

And that's the Advance Placement class at my high school.
> . <