Monday, January 26, 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends.

I think I need to create an Official "Strange Friends of Strange Fiction" page.

Not only did half-crazed German rivet (and cook extraordinaire) John and the gorgeous knit-machine Oodlz help me come up with this week's title, but they built me a damn computer out of the pirated parts of lesser machines!

There was concern that my current jerry-rigged (read: crap) system was going to die on me. Wait. Die is the wrong word. "Explode in a fiery hellfire death" is more closely akin to the fear I had for my computers' inevitable shared fate. This was unacceptable to John and Oodlz. "That dog will not hunt, monsignor," they said as one.

And in a fit of generosity, the presented me with the following machine, Vinent VonComp:

Sylin' in the new art dumpster:

Now all I need is another new harddrive and a new soundcard, and I'll actually have a reliable workstation capable of enduring the abuse I put it through.

It's a miracle!

Thank you John and Oodlz, from both me and all 5 of my readers who can continue to enjoy Strange Fiction for years to come due to your godlike natures.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I have not (yet) joined a cult.

I feel like I ought to touch base with you guys, since I haven't been the most visible of Ladies of lates.

We've had a series of unfortunate events here at Casa de Attercop that coupld make the Baudelaire orphans flinch. In addtion, like a good portion of the country, the economy pushed me down, stole my lunch money, and has been proceeding to noogie, Indian burn and pink-belly the living shit out of me. To make matters more Dickensesque, my other half Ducky lost his job right before Thanksgiving, and I've been working extra hours to keep us afloat at a job that has become increasingly demanding.

On the up side, it's given me plenty of material with which to work, although it is a tad bit odd to reference something in the comic that I'm actively struggling with. This is a strange, strange narcissistic thing I do.

But, enough of the whining! What's up for the next year?

I hate to make predictions since I usually have more Grand Plans than follow-through, but there may (may) be more Strange Fic podcasts in the future. Now would be an excellent time to discuss the dangers of rock and roll music with your children.

I'm also working on a Super Secret Project that could be only slightly combustible. Time will tell.

So, no death cults just yet, but I'm not ruling it out as a possibility for the future. 2009 is a whole new year, after all!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Requested Sketch #3: Airship Pirate Eep

For the record, that's a cigar he's holding.