Monday, January 26, 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends.

I think I need to create an Official "Strange Friends of Strange Fiction" page.

Not only did half-crazed German rivet (and cook extraordinaire) John and the gorgeous knit-machine Oodlz help me come up with this week's title, but they built me a damn computer out of the pirated parts of lesser machines!

There was concern that my current jerry-rigged (read: crap) system was going to die on me. Wait. Die is the wrong word. "Explode in a fiery hellfire death" is more closely akin to the fear I had for my computers' inevitable shared fate. This was unacceptable to John and Oodlz. "That dog will not hunt, monsignor," they said as one.

And in a fit of generosity, the presented me with the following machine, Vinent VonComp:

Sylin' in the new art dumpster:

Now all I need is another new harddrive and a new soundcard, and I'll actually have a reliable workstation capable of enduring the abuse I put it through.

It's a miracle!

Thank you John and Oodlz, from both me and all 5 of my readers who can continue to enjoy Strange Fiction for years to come due to your godlike natures.


Anonymous said...

D'awwww anytime!<3 You know we love you both massively and would do anything for you and the Duck...because we're your #1 stalker...collectively... we'll be over this weekend so that John and I can cook. Also, when I say John and I, I mean I will be there for moral support so he doesn't burn anything down! HOORAY! We got mentioned in you blog! :D

Anonymous said...

Yay! New computer for Lady A-chan!