Friday, February 6, 2009

Technical issues abound...

Technical issues that involve me screaming, "How the fuck do you upload the files on this mishugina new Dreamweaver?!? Mother PUSS Bucket!"

The comic is up, and should have all the remaining small updates finished tonight.

Yes, I did totally broadcast myself drawing the comic while I was working on it. It wasn't exactly riveting stuff, I'm afraid. But I did do it. And I apparently made REALLY goofy faces. Especially while inking.

Now, moving on to talk about someone WAY more interesting on camera than yours truly, did you guys know Lux Interior died? I found out about it yesterday morning. Ducky left a Cramps CD on the kitchen table with a note that read, "Lux died. Liesten to this on the way into work."

I would say, "Rest in peace," but somehow I think Lux would have wanted to come back as a zombie. The world is a less interesting place without him.

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