Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WTF is up with YOU Lady A?

I never thought I'd be doing an installment of WTF about myself.

Although I suspected.

So, as you can tell from the lack of content this week, the comic hasn't been --uh-- reliable lately. Yeah. We'll go with "reliable."

There are a lot of long, boring and pathetically emo reasons why, but the biggest (and most emo) of the lot has been good old fashioned stress. Ducky lost his job 7 (emo) months ago, and hasn't been able to replace it. It's stretched our bank account and my emotional (read: emo) state as far as they can go without either total financial ruin and/or complete mental meltdown.

To put it briefly: both my bank account and psyche have (emo) stretchmarks*.

Last week, I had the comic all but finished when I was involved in a minor fender-bender. It wasn't serious (or emo): some scrapes on the bumper and some lingering stiffness for two days. So even I was surprised when this made me have a drama-fest of gargantuan proportions. (You thought I was going to say "emo" didn't you?) It made me come to a hard decision about the comic. One that I've been avoiding.

I'm going to have to tool back Strange Fiction, and in a major way. I've kept saying I was going to do this, but I've resisted. Partly because I'm finally almost (almost) satisfied with the direction the comic is taking, and partly because I'm a stubborn bitch of a woman. I don't want to do less with the comic, I want to do more. I'm both furious and frustrated I'm unable to do that. I didn't want to admit to myself that Strange Fiction had become a burden.

But, I also don't want to burn myself out to the point where I can no longer produce the comic, and if I continue along this path, I'm afraid that's just what will happen. So, that's where we are, kids. Indulge my emoness a bit longer, and sooner or later, we'll get back to a place we can all enjoy.

* If you've made it this far through the blog, you deserve a reward. Would you like a terrible "Your mom" joke? Too bad! That's what you're getting.

"Both my bank account and psyche have stretchmarks, just like your mom's ass."

Thank you! I'll be here all week!


Caroline said...

Aww no! If I had a Visa I could donate bits of money, but since I don't have one, I'll offer you a different kind of help. :3

I could draw SF for a few weeks to un-burden you and temporarily keep readers (sort of) satisfied. I'll try to stick close to your drawing style ^^ If you remember, I did the PG-13 manporn intermezzo once, way back when the Romans still shared sponges to wipe their ass with.

If you would like me to help, just drop me a line so we can discuss things further. My e-mail addy is valkyrja(at)

Here's hoping that things will go better for you and Ducky soon. We don't want you two to be too stressed out. ;_;

doomncandy said...

I'm always up to help with a guest strip or two if you like to help, could even do it in GLITTER* pens to mesmerize readers and make them forget there fetal position thumb sucking sorrow of not being able to enjoy genital jokes or hot voodoo doll action (never was but I think it would of brought a more sophisticated crowd to the comic, eh? *wink*)

*I do not own glitter pens, sorry.

well you know my twitter, myspace, and well, facebook if your on anymore.

-Brittany aka doomncandy

m said...

Let's see... what's more important? SF or Lady A herself? Not a tricky question. Your decision is totally understandable.
*sends lots of well wishes and health points and chocolate*
Love, m

Anonymous said...

D'awww, well, at least you can look forward to birthday dinner that John and I would like to cook for you. OH, and if you'd like to go out for dinner instead we'd be totally up for that as well. Our treat +a big, lovin', heapin' dessert :D John and I send all of our love and we hope to see you and Ducky soon<333

XOXO, 00dlz

Lady Attercop said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone.

I'm plugging along. Hopefully the future will be a lot less emo.

Ian said...

And never forget, no matter how bad it gets, you still have an unemployed musician that loves you to pieces waiting for you everyday when you come home. Things will get better, I promise. I'm just going to go out and pimp myself to make some money. Hard times. Good thing I don't have any shame!