Friday, October 2, 2009

Sure He's Cute... Until He Crams That Wand Up Your Poopshoot

In an attempt to cheer me up, and keep me from posting morose motherfucking twats on Twitter, the mad genius behind Gothy Beans was kind (and productive) enough to use a bought of insomnia to sketch up this fairy-tastic fan art of Voodoo Ed.

How awesome is that?

The only thing I manage to do during a bought of insomnia is lie in bed cursing god's name. This is much nicer.

Thank you!

So, I'm sure you guys have noticed the slightly more steamy Strange Fiction story arc starting up in honor of the best holiday of them all. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Cute pic!!
Um... about the steampunk-ness... sure, it's cool, but... well... it doesn't really feel like SF. I mean, it's totally your call, but I'm not so big on it. :/

Anonymous said...

Shush, it's awesome :3