Monday, November 28, 2011

Eep in a Loincloth: Enough to Fire Up the Internet Hate Machine

If you follow me on Google+, you've seen the shitstorm I caused when the following Twitter exchanged insulted some people.

(A bit of background: Eep and his girlfriend were attending Gothsgiving at the alt/goth club where they both work, and it was the dress code was gothic Pilgrims or gothic Natives.)

Then, things exploded. And this is my response. I'm posting it here for easy linking.

OK, a couple of quick things. Thanks to everyone who has come to my aid in this whole matter. I appreciate that you guys feel the need to defend me. D’awwww! Hugs all around.

Thanks to everyone who also has slapped me around on this issue. I understand why you’re doing it. You like my work, and in turn, that makes you want to potentially like me as a person. And, you don’t want me, a person you want to potentially like, to have what you consider a backwards/racist/inconsiderate/whatever viewpoint on an issue you feel strongly about. I totally get it. And yes, I agree that racist stereotypes are shitty and terrible. But (and you knew there was a but), I don’t feel that’s what I did here, so we ain’t gonna agree on whether or not what I did was racist and shitty.

But I get it; you don’t to think of me as racist and shitty, because you wanna potentially like me. (Hell, I want you to potentially like me.) So, d’awwww! Hugs all around.

There were a couple of points I was trying to make with this post. None of which I made very affectively. Clearly. I can try to blame the sleep deprivation that comes along with insomnia or the fact that I was trying to bang out a response before I go to work (like I am now), but it doesn’t really matter at this point. I mean, I could just go back and edit that entry until my points are clear (I love you for allowing me to do that, Google+), but I probably won’t, because I really just want this whole thing to die. Painfully. Possibly, in a fire. A fire made of burning knives and dog poop. That’s a terrible kind of fire.

The truth of the matter is that I have enough Real Life Drama and would like to avoid slapping Internet Drama on top of it. So consider the matter dropped from my end. We’ll just have to agree not to agree.

HOWEVER, I will apologize for one thing. I was also called out for referring to that anon comment as “Hate Mail.” The original commenter pointed out that it wasn’t intended to be that, and s/he is right. It wasn’t really hate mail. I used the term because I thought it was funny. So, mea culpa for that.

Also, I’m still amused as hell that, of all things, THIS is what caused a shit storm. I mean… I’m the one whose version of a Heartwarming Family Scene involved a father telling his depressed 15 y/o son to smoke rather than commit suicide.

The world is a strange and wondrous place.

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