Thursday, December 8, 2011

Twitter: Causing Vincent To Get a Soul & Eep To Get Laid

Right. So it's my day off, and I've been drinking. Don't look at me like that. It's well after noon, and that's the kinda day I've had. I'm only on the schedule for 25 hours this week, 10 hours next week, and then I'm not working until after New Year's. This is going to make fun, recreational, holiday things like paying rent and eating an interesting challenge this month. So when I drive to the grocery store this morning and discover a screw in my tire, it kinda ruins my day. And yes, I'm sure it says something about me that I've been eating pasta, cheap tuna and saltines all week, but that I still managed to scrape enough together to buy beer. You're very clever.


I had a point when I started writing this, but fucked if I know what that was. So, looks like you guys are getting treated to free-form brain diarrhea. Lucky you.

TWITTER. I could talk about what I've been doing on Twitter so it doesn't seem like I just got drunk and logged onto my blog to be grumpy and abusive. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that during the month of October, I ran a "Twitter Only" Strange Fiction story. I'm not really sure what I intended it to be originally, but it ended up mutating into something entirely different, and entirely more awesome, thanks entirely to @MousetheDJ (who started out as a real person; now I'm not so sure). She jumped into the story and eventually ended up sacrificing her Twitter account to the Gods of Fiction. It was a fun, and often incredibly challenging, bit of fly-by-your-seat, no-editing-allowed exercise that was as much improv as it was fiction writing.

October 31st rolled around, and we wrapped up the story and then... Well, nothing. Both my co-writer and I currently have jobs where we have long stretches of down time. We found we missed the challenge, the character interaction, and most of all, the distraction.

So, we've kept it up. What the fuck are we doing? We have no idea. It's been fun. It's caused DRAMA! (capital letters and exclamation point and all). And, best of all, it's caused a rekindling of passion for these characters and their stories that I thought trying to slog through the Dread Steampunk Storyline had killed in me. So, think of this as a rough 1st draft, a hashing out of potential ideas, an expanding of characters and backstories (Vincent especially has gained a history and personality FAR more complex than anything I ever had planned for him). The best bits will eventually make it into the comic, and the rest, well, if you're really curious or a huge completionist, they're all here. Waiting for your perusal and disapproval.

Plus, if it wasn't for the Twitter Stream Tales, I would have never drawn this:

So there's that.


The Code Crimson said...

Gotta say, I love this post! Been following your comic for awhile, but I can't believe I've never checked out your blog before.

Nathan Dube said...

This is the printer guy (Destroy Your Printer Contest) my intent was not to spam you. I found you via twitter search (cool blog/comic by the way) just looking for people to enter this years contest. I am a real human being promoting the contest. Sorry if you took offense.